Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School: Getting up & Going to bed

I cannot begin to describe the exhaustion that the first week of school brought upon me.  I think it had a lot to do with adjusting my schedule to get up and run before the kids get up (yes. . . I'm crazy!).  But, despite being exhausted, I am really enjoying our schedule.   It's weird having Ethan gone most of the day, every day.  But, it is so neat to watch him enjoy school and want to go (although, by the end of the week, I was hearing, "I have to go again?").

In order to help us transition to having to actually leave in the mornings and get out the door in more than T-shirt and jeans, scraggly hair, and unbrushed teeth and even then, be running late, I created some checklists for Ethan and had them laminated at one of the Office supply stores in town (they run a lot cheaper for both color copies and laminating then Kinkos).
I even made one to help at bedtime (which often reminds me of this).  These have worked wonders for getting us out the door and into bed.  He already had a pack of the Crayola dry-erase markers and he uses those (they are awesome, btw!)  We keep them on the refigerator ready for him to grab in the morning or before bed.  I really love how bright and colorful they are, and the lamination is the thick kind. . . speaking of laminating. . . I think I want a laminator.  I might have a problem.  You won't judge. . . I know that.  Some of you might even join me in that desire.
I love the pictures!  It was fun finding the perfect one for each check item.

What strategies to you use (or did you use) to get your kids up and 
ready in order to be on time for school?

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