Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School, part 2

We have made it through the second day of school! I am exhausted. I am having fun having a kid in school.  He has a great teacher and is at a great school!  Today, I realized that I had become one like my former student's moms.  I dropped my son off on the playground and then stood outside in the parking lot and talked with other moms.  As a former teacher, I must confess. . . I really LOVE being on the parents side of things.  I love making the lunches (Bento boxes are awesome and might even require a post!).  

But, seriously as a former teacher, I understand how much work is is getting ready for the first day. Intertwined with the excitement of the first day, a teacher is exhausted from late nights, long hours just prepping for the year!  In my son's teacher's position, she is having to start a program, basically from scratch.  This is the first year, that TK programs have been implemented in most of the schools and they still don't have their curriculum (don't get me started on that!).  When, I taught at a public school, the parents were "okay." I am not going to lie. . . teaching was a job and I was lucky to get a parent teacher conference, so at Christmas and end of the year, I was surprised when I received a clothespin ornament.  Teaching at a private school was a completely different story.  Parents were involved, they became family. . . a family that I still love and am thankful for Facebook that I can still keep in touch with both the students and families!  These parents were the kind that would drop anything to make sure my classroom needs were met.  They supplied above and beyond what was needed. . . and even better, sometimes brought me Starbucks (thanks for that, parents! It rocked my world!).  
 So, this year, I decided that my child's teacher will feel loved on and encouraged (even on the days where my son doesn't behave (which I hope that is a rarity!).  Lately Pinterest is flooding with ideas for first day of school gifts for teachers.  Now, I've been out of the teaching world for 5 years now (has it really been that long!?!?!), but I don't remember this happening. ever.  It's such a wonderful idea!  It doesn't even take a lot of money to provide a teeny tiny bit of encouragement and love on the person who is teaching/loving/and taking care of your child 5 to 6 hours a day.
 I went to Target and bought this glass container (4 dollars! Cheaper than a Starbucks card!) and baked some cookies.  Okay. . . I pulled some dough out of the freezer and baked them.  I wasn't sure if it was going to happen since our oven was playing tricks on us, but my husband fixed it and we can bake again!  I made the tag using my Creative Memories software, and if you want a copy, I will send you the link (for free! . . because I want you to be able to bless your child's teacher!).
I made these cookies to put in it.  They are so yummy!

What cookies would you put in the jar?

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