Friday, March 04, 2011

chocolate chip coffee cake

Despite uploading the picture for this post, it never got written until today. It has just been one of those weeks. . . or has it only been a few days? Who knows. With family in town, a trip to the beach, an infant with a horrible cold (by the way, he's 5 weeks old today!), and potty training (Ethan, not Weston. . . hee hee), I am not always in my right brain. But, today I am. Or at least, I am attempting.

I made this for breakfast a few weeks before Weston was born. It was amazing. It was like eating dessert for breakfast (any objections?). The combination of cinnamon and sugar with the chocolate chips is one of my favorite combinations. Plus, it was so easy! However, the recipe really makes me want another bowl for my Kitchenaid Mixer (preferably a glass one), because it requires you to whip up some egg whites in addition to mixing the rest of the ingredients.
This coffee cake was so wonderful, I can't wait for an excuse to make it again!

I found the recipe over at Baked Bree. . . which is one of my new favorite blogs (have I mentioned I may possibly be addicted to blogs?). Her picture makes it look even better, but it is really delicious.. . I promise! And who doesn't want chocolate for breakfast?

And because I am all of a sudden incredibly tired (and lazy), here is the link to the recipe. Let me know what you think. Click here.

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