Tuesday, March 29, 2011

being intentional

Last year, I found this blog, The Simple Woman, that took normal phrases and turned them into thoughts. I really LOVE her idea and was getting into the habit of it, when I just sort of stopped. I don't know why, or when, it just happened. I have every intention of starting this again . . . I don't know how often, but I have every intention of trying.

Outside my window... the sun has set, which means, the kids are asleep. Bring on the couch!!
I am thinking... that I am tired. Today has been harder than others, but still not horribly bad.
I am thankful for... my husband. He took care of the kids while I got things finished in the kitchen. It was a disaster area!
From the kitchen... I made some chocolate chip cookies for a friend who is stuck at home on bed rest and some chocolate peanut butter swirled muffins (chocolate for breakfast anyone?). I promise I will be posting this recipe soon. . . it is amazing!
I am wearing...sweats and a sweatshirt. . . all for comfy these days.
I am hearing... quiet and the tv. . . modern family is on in the background and I am loving every minute of it!!!
Around the house...I am trying to get it clean. . . it's spring. . . and I am itching to clean, and struggling to find the time between being a mom, but it will happen, even if it takes a month (or two!) instead of a week.
One of my favorite things...our family room. My husband has been working really hard to get redone. This past weekend, he painted and he, along with his bro and cousin, laid the new laminate flooring. I love it! The room is so much brighter and inviting. Now for the trim and base boards.
A few plans for the rest of the week: grocery shop, finish Weston's blanket (it's almost done!), and hang out with my family. This weekend is Big Hat Days in Clovis, and we plan on partaking in some festivities Saturday morning.
A picture:

Morro Bay several weeks ago. . . can I go back?

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