Tuesday, March 22, 2011


ha ha ha. Okay, so I needed a laugh. I have tried to post something all last week, and for some reason just couldn't get the words out. Major writer's block going on here, so I apologize if this post is just a bunch of jibberish, but since it's my blog, I guess I can do what ever with it, right?

So here is what's been on my mind lately:

:: I finally sat down and made a to-do list. Actually, I made two. One for Spring Cleaning tasks (it's spring, right?) and one for my projects. I am actually checking things off of it. Bring on the focus.
:: Being a mom of two - I think I can do it. Things are definitely getting easier. I actually leave the house with both of them - just to leave the house. It's great!
:: Quiet times - I think I should get back into the habit of doing mine. I need it. . . BIG TIME! I probably haven't had some time alone with God since Weston was born. . . I need to get back on the bandwagon. Desperately.
:: Hope. I am very thankful for the hope that I have in Christ. Sometimes I think I just take it for granted and go about my daily life. But this weekend, I was faced with the horrible news that my cousin took his own life. At first, I was shocked. And then I was angry because how can a person do that to their wife and young girls? But, then I realized, he never wanted anything to do with God or the idea of God. So, when things get hard or really bad, what do you have to live for if you don't have God. Where is that hope? I am so thankful that I have a God that loves me, and gives me hope of a future with him. I can't imagine my life without it!
:: Spring. We just had the most amazing rain storms ever! And we were blessed with a beautiful double rainbow last week. Now, the weather is warming up and the grass is green, my trees either have blossoms or leaves on them. Things are no longer dead. It is just beautiful. I am anxious to get out there and get my hands dirty. Bring on the planting.
:: My sister. Came out and spent some time in California (mostly to see her new nephew). She spoiled me rotten and now she's on her way home. I will miss her, but am looking forward to our long phone conversations resuming.

So, that's just a little bit of what's going on in my head. Thanks for letting me share. I hope to post a few more things this week, we will see.

What's on your mind?

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