Tuesday, March 29, 2011

denim for baby

I am sitting here in our family room sipping some yummy hot chai and enjoying the beautiful spring day (we have a rather large sliding glass door that lets you look out into our backyard). Everything is green and the flowers that are still alive are some bright and colorful (there's not that many of them right now). Ethan woke up from his nap early partly due to the need to poop (now potty trained, he still sleeps with a diaper and can't stand to go in them. . . apparently potty training works!) and his brother's tired screams he woke up slightly early. But, thankfully, he is enjoying the beautiful afternoon lounging around on the floor playing with legos and watching backyardagains and leapfrog. We will definitely be going outside later, but if we go out now, I am not going to be able to get him in so I can feed Weston. So, we will go after. I think Weston might enjoy lounging in his bouncer outside, right?

I really want to get more personal on this blog. I started out that way, and lately it seems like it's just "look at what was made today." I really don't want that. . . I want this blog to be personal and an encouragement to other moms (and whoever stumbles across it via the world wide web. . . apparently there are people in other countries who find it every now and then. . . fascinating). Anyways, I am going to try to be more focused and not just rush to get a blog post done.

So, the week before Weston was born (can you believe he is 8 weeks old today?), a co-worker of my husband's to word that they were able to adopt a brand new baby. It came very quickly and he's a cutie! I had all the fabric cut out before Weston was born, so it was easy to get this gift sewn up quickly. I had seen an idea on another blog (i am sorry blogworld that i don't remember where. . . ) to make baby gifts using old jeans. I tried to steal a pair of my husband's but he couldn't find a pair for me, so i used a pair of my old ones. I love the way it turned out! Denim is just a fun accent and it's heavy duty. . . so it will definitely last.

Here's the taggie and giraffe. This was made completely of left over fabric from Ethan's 1st birthday party. It's a line from Michael Miller. I love the colors!!!!

Here's my denim bib accented with some of the matching fabric scraps. It has brown softy fabric on the back. So much fun. . . if I do say so myself.
Well, my chai tea is gone and Weston will be waking up shortly. I really should start dinner prep now, so that I can go out and enjoy this beautiful spring weather. Have a wonderful day!

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