Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A verse {joy}

This verse is not my favorite verse, but it ranks pretty high.  This verse just makes me swell up with joy each time I read it that I get distracted about what I was going to write.  oh well.

This verse has been rooted in my memory since my early college years.  The year and half after I graduated from high school that I still lived at home and took classes at our local JC.  I was blessed abundantly by the moms who I babysat for (most all of went to church at the same little church we did).  I suddenly became not only their babysitter, but their friend.  I also got to watch as they stayed at home, served God, and raised their children.  It's weird that now 15 years later, I am now doing what they did then.  I am glad that I was able to have their example.

Now, some of these ladies served the women by planning a Woman's gathering with the theme of ice cream. It was one of my favorite events. . . I'm pretty sure of it!  (Especially since I was able to handle ice cream back then. . . man, i miss those days!).  Anyways, one of these amazing women took her stamps (Stampin' Up, of course!  Oh and I blame them for my addiction that is still going strong!) and stamped out this verse on the table cloth all around the table.  It seriously looked amazing!  It also took some pretty amazing patience.  I'm pretty sure she had this verse memorized by the time she finished the table cloths.

So, some Bible verses seem to stir up memories.  This verse isn't just about food, though.  God wants us to fill up on Him and when we take refuge in Him (or run to him as some other translations say), we find our needs met.  That filling up leaves a sweet taste of joy.  Have you tasted it?  I always feel giddy and full, like I could just explode.

Here are some of my recent joys: oldest spending hours coloring, the whole family experience of our church's XFA, beach retreat with my family, anticipation of an unexpected family vacation promotions, quiet, happy laughter from my youngest.

It's good to stop and take note of the joys.  The things that make our heart swell up with Thanks.
Thanks to the One who gave the gifts.
Thanks because I am undeserving, yet He gives.

Taking time to stop. Breathe.  Savor the joy.  A shield is created.  The little things that get to us. . . that drive us mad, or irritate us soon leave.   I could sit in the joy all day.  My heart is happy.

Joy changes our hearts,
   replaces the bitterness with sweetness

What is bringing you joy today?   Please comment in the comment section.  I would love to hear from you!

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