Thursday, July 18, 2013


My office has become very cluttered with works in progress.  The clutter is driving me INSANE!  Here's a little sneak peak of some fun things going on around here. . .

Monsters. . . lots of them.  These are the first two. . . they just need to be stuffed (they are feeling a bit flat right now).  I am having a lot of fun creating them.

I am working on our Family Organization Binder.  This is the first page.  I was inspired by a post on pinterest that had something to do with getting organized in 40 days.  I honestly don't have the patience to do 40 days in a row of pure organizing (maybe I am a bit ADD. . . ?).  Most of the time I would rather be doing something else.  So, I am doing 10-15 things each season.  The above is summer. . . partly because these are the things I want to accomplish this summer.  There is something about printing stuff off that is pretty that makes it more motivating. . . am I the only one who feels this way?

Fabric. . . A dear sweet girl err friend is having a baby.  She is a beautiful lady who has grown up so quickly (because I am still the same age I was after college, right?) and is now married and expecting her first.  I wasn't able to attend her shower, but have everything together to make some fun things. Hopefully she will get it before her little girl is born.  She's at 37 weeks, so I had better hurry!
Finally, I started some embroidery.  This is my take with me and work on when I am waiting project.  It's going to say Happy Day and it's bunting. . . because I {Love} bunting!

And here's one of my favorite instagrams from last week (since I only blogged once!).  He has always been an active boy, but recently, he has become very focused and artistic.  This is a train kit he bought on a recent trip to the Sacramento Train Museum. I am so proud of this boy!  Right now, he is coloring his way through a coloring book and playing with legos (not at the same time).  

Now, I am off to go color with my son!  Hope you are having a great week!

What are you working on?

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