Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Meanderings {Beach Edition}

It's Spring Break and I am at the Beach.  Be jealous.  Seriously, though.  This has been one of the most relaxing weeks ever.  And the kids are here, too.  Yep.  Relaxing.  You can follow my adventure on Instagram if you find that sort of thing interesting.  Probably not though, because seriously I am relaxing and enjoying life.  I'm even reading a book I've read multiple times before.  

So, here are some things I encourage you to do or read:

:: play with this.  This site will come up with some really funny status updates for your social media accounts.  Or just give you a fun laugh. . . It's Monday.  You might need a laugh right now. 

:: Make these cookies. . . I made them and they are all gone.  They are my favorites! I blogged about them here a long time ago, and they continually are my favorites!  They are also super simple!

:: I am re-reading the Cheney Duvall series.  If you like Historical Fiction, I highly recommend them!  I've been reading them over and over again for years.  I just don't get sick of them!

:: We will be making these again this year. . . can't wait!

:: And, I think this idea is so awesome!  I'm wondering if I can still do it. 

And that's about it. .  . because, really, I'm on vacation and not doing much of anything.  I've scheduled some super yummy and fun posts for this week.  Enjoy your week and Happy Easter!  

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