Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Art for the Littles

Spring Break is here and almost over (I can't believe it!).  I thought I would share some of the cool projects I prepped for Ethan's TK class.  I did some of them with Weston, who is three.  But, if you need some fun ideas and your kids are driving you crazy. . . here are some ideas.  

1. Scrap paper Bunnies.  
The hump in between the ears is a baseball hat, because Ethan didn't want a bow.  

2.  Pom Pom Easter Eggs
Attatch different sizes and textures of pop poms to close pins and start painting.  Super fun for all ages!

3.  Easter Bunny Basket
A little bit more difficult, but super cute!

4.  Easter Basket for holding eggs found at the class Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter!!!!  What have you been doing this week to be creative?

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