Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Meanderings {favorite things}

Happy Monday!  Maybe I should rephrase that:  Happy Day after Daylight Savings Day!  Yuck, right?  Sometimes I wish I lived in Arizona where they don't have to worry about those things. . . then I think.  Nope.  I am happy where I am.  But, I could do without the whole loosing an hour of sleep.  My kids don't seem phased.  I, on the other hand, could use any extra sleep I can find.  Perhaps, maybe I should go to sleep earlier than I do instead of crafting, playing tetris blitz, or hanging with the hubs.

So, because I am pooped and I am sitting here motivating myself to get up and make some cookies and make dinner, I am going to share some of my favorite things.

1 .  Move over Matching with friends. . . Tetris Blitz has taken over!  It is now the one and only game on my phone.  I've always been a huge fan of Tetris, and this one is just as fun!  Perfect for laying in bed trying to fall asleep.  You can find it in the iTunes store for free.  (Free is good. . . it's pretty much the only way I tend to buy games).

2.  This morning I had to go to the doctor to check my thyroid (fun times) and purposely made an early appointment so I didn't have to wait.  I even was able to fit in Starbucks on my way home.  Best way to start a Monday (post daylight savings) in my book!  I tried the Cinnamon Dolce Latte out today and it was a fabulous decision.  I may be hooked!  Have you tried it?  What's your favorite coffee?

3.  Dee Henderson.  She is one of my favorite authors. ever.  I am currently reading one of her newest books, Unspoken and am loving it.  I don't get to sit down and read often, but today I enjoyed a little outdoor reading time while the little guy blew bubbles and drove his car around the back yard.  Her books give some great suspense and adventure as well as creatively weaving Christ's love into the picture.  Her books are great in so many ways!

And just like that nap time is over and I need to get some work done!  I hope to be back later this week with something fun. . . and tasty!  Happy Week!

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