Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A new favorite {Vegetarian Enchilada Pizza}

Today, I woke up with hardly a voice.  It's hard sounding horrible but feeling pretty good.  I blame it on Spring.  It get's me every time!  Good thing it doesn't take a voice (except the ones in my head) to write a blog post. . . or this would never get done!  There's not a ton of really anything going on in my kitchen this week except looking for it.  I found the counters and tomorrow, I hope to find the sink.  It's good to take a beak every now and then!  I really, REALLY need to declare spring cleaning on my pantry!  I can hardly open and shut the doors. . . it's bad!  

So, on to the delicious yumminess that awaits you with this post.  And there is really good news:  this might be WAYYYY healthier than anything else I usually bring you.  Your Welcome.   This recipe was inspired by this post over at Two Peas & their Pod.  It looked delicious when I saw it, but I new right away it was missing protein, which for me is super important, especially on our Meatless Meal nights.  
 Gather all your ingredients:  tortillas, sliced olives, sliced onions, chopped red peppers, drained and rinsed black beans, corn, red enchilada sauce, and cheese (we have a variety from regular cheddar to soy and dairy free!).
 In your favorite skillet (I love my cast iron!), heat some olive oil up and then drop your sliced onions in for some sweating.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
 When they start getting soft, go ahead and drop your chopped red peppers in.  Continue sauteing until soft. It's going to smell sooo good!  Yo may even want to eat from the pan. . . go head, I won't tell!
 In your favorite raised baking sheet, lay out your tortillas and spray with baking spray.
 Go ahead and work out your frustrations, irritations, or joy by stabbing a fork all over your tortillas.  This will allow air to go through them as they heat. . . I think. . .  Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 5 minutes.
 Spread red enchilada sauce all over.  Add extra. . . again, I won't tell.
 Add your sauteed ingredients, corn and black beans. Cilantro too.  I love cilantro. . . it goes in almost everything.  Really!  At this point, half of them are missing the onions because the hubs is very anti onions, but the beauty of the recipe is that it's easy to adapt for the likes of your family! You could probably get the kids involved.  In fact, next time I think I am going to.
 Top with cheese.  Because cheese is wonderful.  Rice cheese. . . well, it's almost wonderful!  Bake for another 5 minutes, or until your cheese is melty delicious.
At this point your house is going to be smelling amazing and your stomach is going to be begging for food.  (trust me. . . it is!).  And guess, what dinner was so easy and it's time to eat!  Top with a dollop of sour cream and dig in!

My husband fell in love with this recipe and we've now eaten it several times!  So yummy and I don't think it's all that bad for you.

Enjoy!  I am off to go catch up on some Psych.

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