Friday, June 12, 2009

A Coffee Treat

I have been so busy lately, that I finally got the opportunity to sit down and read some of the blogs I like. Being the end of the year, and all, a lot of them had ideas for what to get your child's teacher for the end of the year gift (is it the end of the school year already? I think I have maintained a very busy stay at home life). On houseonhillroad, she had made some great coffee cozies for her kids to give to their teachers. It was love at first site for me! I immediately clicked on the link to print out the pattern, bought some elastics at Target, and washed my new fabric. Man, I was on a mission! I also had a fantastic way to put them quickly to use. I made my friend Steph one for her birthday yesterday (So I couldn't post this until today . . . didn't want to give it away!) and then made myself one. They were a quick and easy project. I will totally make more! Steph's brother in law said it would be fun to make one for him with guns or trucks or something. The wheels are turning! I can't stop them!

I took mine yesterday morning to Starbucks and put it on instead of those cardboard ones. I could say I am going "green," but the reality is that I just wanted my coffee to look cute . . . or maybe me look cute holding my hot latte. Who knows? I do know is that I got a compliment from the barista when I picked up my coffee. That made it all worth it!!!

I should note, though, that I used batting that is made to go in pot holders, so there is a nice insulation from the heat. It worked nicely, keeping my fingers perfect. It was also more comfortable to hold than those cardboard ones that you normally pick up with your cup of joe.

Happy Birthday Steph!


  1. So cute! Very handy and green (Portlanders would love that!).

  2. Love it!!!! Another winner!

  3. Jolie, I have been playing with your buttermilk scones recipe. I have made the original version, lemon blueberry and mini chocolate chip. I don't know what sanding sugar is but I got the chunky clear sugar sprinkles at JoAnn's for the lemon blueberry scones and did a melted chocolate zigazg on the mini choc chips scones. Yummers! I have a recipe for you but I'll get it to you later. Thanks for the inspiration!


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